Manuscripts of the Old Latin Bible

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The register of Old Latin manuscripts is kept and published by the Vetus Latina Institute. Manuscripts are identified by the letters VL followed by a numerical siglum. The most recent edition of the Vetus Latina Register is:

The numbering scheme is as follows:
New Testament VL 1-49 Gospels VL 50-74 Acts, Catholic Epistles, Apocalypse VL 75-89 Pauline Epistles VL 91-96 Glosses in Spanish Bibles Old Testament VL 100-111 Octateuch VL 115-118, 123-126 Historical Books VL 130-162 Hagiography VL 165-172 Sapiential books VL 173-194A Prophetic books VL 195-218 1-2 Maccabees VL 250-275 Biblical canticles VL 300-485 Psalters

Note that only certain portions of these Bibles may have an Old Latin text; other books may display a Vulgate text-type, or a mixed text combining earlier readings within a later text.

Old Latin manuscripts are also sometimes known by an older system of lower-case letters: these are included in brackets.