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Vetus Latina Iohannes

Electronic Edition
Version History

Version 2.0 (Published 30.4.15).

The entire edition was rewritten in order to become independent from the Anastasia software. The synopsis and transcription files now consist of standalone XML files viewed with an XSL transformation. Transcriptions of the canon tables in VL 10 (VL10A) and the new finds in VL16 have been added.

Version 1.7 (Published 7.12.10).

Five images of 9A have been included by kind permission of the National Library of Russia; images of 23 have been included by kind permission of Aberdeen University Library.
The two parts presently constituting Codex Sarzanensis have been split into VL 22 and VL 22A.
The transcription of 5 has been revised against the images. A visit to Brescia in November 2010 permitted the resolution of most dubious portions of 10. Minor alterations have been made to 9A and the Old Latin portion of 47 (following comparison with Mizzi's edition). In addition, several minor changes have been made to manuscripts in the opening chapters of John, with particular regard to reconstructed text.
The division of John 9:8-9 and 12:24-25 has been changed to correspond to the Greek text of Nestle Aland.

Version 1.6 (Published 7.1.10).

Transcriptions have been added of 7, 9A, 39 and 46. This means that the electronic edition currently includes all manuscripts of John listed in the 'Gospels' section of the Register of Old Latin Manuscripts published by the Vetus Latina-Institut.
The transcription of 10 has been fully revised against the images.
A number of minor changes have been made regarding the position of chapter numbers and the inclusion of Ammonian sections in certain witnesses. Single-digit sigla are no longer prefaced by '0', in keeping with the practice of the Vetus Latina-Institut. Digraphs and abbreviated symbols are now included (when recorded in the transcriptions).

Version 1.5 (Published 16.7.09).

Images have now been included alongside the transcription in page view of 04, 27, 47 and 48 by kind permission of the holding institutions.
The transcriptions of 08 and 13 have been fully revised against the images. The missing pages of 33 (78v-79r) are now included.
Minor changes have been made to the transcriptions of 02 (based on De Bruyne's collation of the manuscript in the copy of Tischendorf's edition held by INTF), 16, 33 and 48.
The numbering of verses has been changed to correspond to that of the Greek text of Nestle Aland (27th edition). (This affects John 4:13-14, 6:51-72, 7:19-20, 10:41-42, 16:4-5). See also Version 1.7 below.

Version 1.4 (Published 21.11.08).

Transcriptions added of 11A and 15.
Transcription of 29 fully revised; punctuation and abbreviations added.
Corrections to verse divisions in 10, 33 and 47 (John 19:4-5); 28.
Erased text is now treated as a deletion of unreadable letters rather than a correction, in order to display properly in the synopsis. The use of the ampersand (&) for the combination of 'et' in the manuscript is now displayed, although other digraphs are represented by two letters at present.
Verses completely omitted by the copyist have now been included with the text 'OM', in order to distinguish between these and verses for which a manuscript is not extant. The synopsis has been recompiled.

Version 1.3 (Published 6.10.08).

Transcriptions added of 32, 33, 48 and the second part of 22.
Transcription of 30 fully revised, with the addition of line breaks. Transcription of 06 fully revised against the edition of Vogels.
Minor alterations to 02 (alternative text of John 1:16-20 based on Tischendorf); 04 and 05 (verse divisions); 08 (corrections to capitula); 27 (several readings corrected).
Concatenation changed in several manuscripts to reduce extra blank spaces in synopsis.
Synopsis recompiled.

Version 1.2 (Published 23.5.08).

Transcriptions added of 34, 35, 47 and 49. Transcription of 27 fully revised, with the addition of line breaks.
Synopsis recompiled. Minor alterations to interface.

Version 1.1 (Published 12.2.08).

Preliminary transcription added of 29. Revised transcriptions of 02, 03, 06, 08, 11, 14 and 28. Minor alterations to 13, 18, 20 and 22.
Notes added for 02, 03 and 11 with details of previous editions of these manuscripts. (See also the manuscript descriptions page.) Line breaks added to transcription of 28.
Synopsis recompiled, and all punctuation now visible in synopsis.

Version 1.0 (Published 26.9.07).

Contains twenty-two witnesses (Vg, 02, 03, 04, 06, 08, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 30, 40).