Vetus Latina Iohannes

Corrections/Alterations to a printed edition

11 (Codex Rehdigeranus) and Vogels

This file lists the differences between our transcription and the edition of H.J. Vogels, Codex Rehdigeranus (Collectanea Biblica Latina 2) Rome 1913, in the transcription of witness 11 (Codex Rehdigeranus) for the Vetus Latina Iohannes edition.

Vogels' recording of punctuation is haphazard. Generally, he does not record the semicolon (;) but he does record the mid-dot ( · ) as a full stop. A full stop is also used to transcribe the question mark (e.g. John 1:19 and 21).

We differ occasionally from Vogels in the identification of capital letters and hanging lines; these are not listed.

Our transcription differs from Vogels in the following minor instances (only the omission of punctuation is mentioned; we include much more punctuation than Vogels):

John 4:6 Vogels reads 'faticatus', but a tail is visible on the g in our images.
John 4:24 No punctuation is visible in our images after ds̅
John 9:23 Vogels reads 'interrogate̅' but no nasal bar is visible on our images.
John 11:11 The copyist initially seems to have written exxi... rather than exi....
John 11:54 No punctuation is visible in our images after efren
John 12:35 Vogels reads conpręhendant, but from the images it seems as if the caudata is water damage.
John 13:4 No punctuation is visible on our images after uestimenta
John 13:22 Vogels does not observe that the initial reading was 'urgo' although he notes the correction to 'ergo' over the erased text.
John 14:24 No punctuation is visible on our images after sermones
John 16:8 Vogels does not record the erased letters.