Vetus Latina Iohannes

Corrections/Alterations to a printed edition

10 (Codex Brixianus) and Wordsworth White.

Corrections to Wordsworth-White's text of Codex Brixianus (VL 10)

In their edition of the Vulgate Gospels (J. Wordsworth & H.J. White (edd.), Novum Testamentum Domini Nostri Iesu Christi Secundum Editionem Sancti Hieronymi Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1889-1898), Wordsworth and White give the full running text of Codex Brixianus underneath their reconstructed editorial text.

They do not record line breaks or all capital letters. Ammonian sections are not included. No corrections are indicated: they appear to follow the corrected text of the manuscript, rather than indicating the first hand reading as well.

In a few places, comparison of the images and manuscripts with the printed text of Wordsworth and White has revealed some inaccuracies in their transcription, and these are noted below. (A full comparison may well reveal more discrepancies.)

1:19 est testimonium WW] est was omitted by the first hand, but added later.
2:20 excitabo WW] excitauis 10
3:16 dilexit deus mundum WW ] dilexit deus hunc mundum 10
3:18 credit WW ] credidit 10
4:6 erat hora WW ] hora erat 10
4:47 galilaeam WW ] galilaea 10 (no superline is visible)
5:19 quaecunque WW ] quaecumque 10
5:37 figuram WW ] figura 10 (no superline is visible)
8:26 et loquor WW ] haec loquor 10
8:47 proterea WW ] propterea 10
10:25 crediditis WW] creditis 10
11:24 nouissimo WW ] nouissima 10
12:10 ut WW ] ut et 10
12:26 minister meus est WW ] minister meus erit 10
12:29 tonitruum WW ] tonitrum 10
16:17 quia WW ] qua 10
16:17 uado WW ] uado + ego 10C (WW for once does not follow the corrected text).
19:4 responderunt WW] + ei 10
19:42 'ubi' has been erased after 'monumentum'
20:31 uitam aeternam WW ] uitam 10