Vetus Latina Iohannes

Corrections/Alterations to a printed edition

02 (Codex Palatinus) and Tischendorf

This file lists the corrections made to the edition of Tischendorf, Evangelium Palatinum ineditum (Leipzig 1847) in the transcription of witness 02 (Codex Palatinus) for the Vetus Latina Iohannes edition.

Information is also supplied from the edition of Matzkow-Jülicher-Aland, Itala. Das Neue Testament in altlateinische Überlieferung. IV. Johannes (Berlin, 1963) - referred to as Jülicher - which contains a number of differences from Tischendorf, implying a separate consultation of the manuscript.

John 1:5 Here, and at the top of every column, Tischendorf records a hanging line, regardless of what is seen in the ms.
John 1:13 Tischendorf omits the punctuation after uiri.
John 1:18 Tischendorf Est, ms EST
John 1:24 Tischendorf mi | si, ms (and Jülicher) mis | si
John 1:26 Tischendorf aqua̅, Jülicher aqua (impossible to see in pictures)
John 1:27 Tischendorf Est, ms EST
John 1:27 Jülicher corrigiam, Tischendorf and ms corigiam
John 1:33 Tischendorf omits punctuation after dixit
John 1:38 Tischendorf respondens, ms and Jülicher respiciens
John 1:40 Tischendorf iohanne, ms and Jülicher iohannen
John 2:3 Tischendorf Mater, ms mater
John 2:6 Tischendorf Illic, ms ILLic
John 2:20 Tischendorf omits the dots either side of the numerals.
John 3:16 Tischendorf Ds, ms DS
John 3:16 Tischendorf uitam, ms utiam
John 3:27 Tischendorf and Jülicher quia, ms qui
John 4:4 Jülicher samariam, Tischendorf and ms sa̅ | mariam
John 4:6 Tischendorf reads Ih̅s, ms IH̅s
John 4:11 Tischendorf auritorrium, Jülicher auritorium, ms unclear
John 4:42 Tischendorf does not record the hanging line
John 5:10 Tischendorf reads ti | tibi, but ms has ti | bi
John 5:17 Tischendorf reads ut, but ms has dicit (Jülicher ait)
John 5:18 Tischendorf reads amen, our transcription has ad [dub]eos[/dub]
John 5:30 Tischendorf and Jülicher read sit, ms sic
John 5:35 Tichendorf reads Ille, ms, ILle
John 6:9 Tischendorf and ms have qu̅ | que, Jülicher reads quinque.
John 6:20 Tischendorf Ille, ms ILLe
John 6:35 Tischendorf and Jülicher unquam, ms umquam
John 6:42 Tischendorf non; corrected to nonne by addition of ne at beginning of next line.
John 6:52 Tischendorf and ms pro, Jülicher pro huius
John 6:65 Tischendorf omits punctuation after credunt
John 6:68 Tischendorf reads ·xii· The punctuation is missing from ms.
John 6:72 Tischendorf and Jülicher illum; ms tuum (?)
John 8:6 Tischendorf and Jülicher eum, ms [dub]illum[/dub] (This is a bad line on a difficult page.)
John 8:55 Tischendorf cognoui, ms and Jülicher noui.
John 9:31 Tischendorf ut, ms and Jülicher et.
John 9:32 Tischendorf does not mark a correction.
John 10:3 Tischendorf does not note correction, Jülicher does.
John 11:18 Tischendorf and Jülicher hierosolyma, ms hierosolyma̅, but this may be a mark on the photos.
John 11:22 Jülicher records a correction to scio, not listed in Tischendorf, which is not apparent on our photos.
John 11:35 Tischendorf does not record the hanging line.
John 11:57 Tischendorf and Jülicher cognouisset, ms cognouissit
John 12:9 Tischendorf Plurimi, Jülicher and ms Plurima.
John 12:15 Jülicher claims that the 'a' following 'filia' has been deleted, but this cannot be made out from the photographs and Tischendorf does not mention a deletion.
John 12:21 Tischendorf reads philippum, ms and Jülicher pilippum.
John 13:28 Tischendorf has omitted recumbentium (correct in Jülicher and ms)
John 14:26 Tischendorf reads 'sanctus' without a correction. Jülicher reads m1 sanus corrected to sanctus.
John 15:15 Tischendorf ser=uus, Jülicher and ms ser=bus.
John 16:24 Jülicher states that 'no' has been corrected to 'nomine'; this is not recorded by Tischendorf and is no longer visible from the manuscript.
John 16:33 Tischendorf uobiscum, Jülicher and ms uobis.
John 18:9 Tischendorf imple-, Jülicher and ms inple-.
John 19:39 Jülicher malagmani
John 19:40 Tischendorf iuxta, Jülicher and ms iuata
John 20:3 Tischendorf exiiuit, with no correction; J=ms
John 20:16 Tischendorf interpretatur; Jülicher interpretratur; ms interpetratur.
John 20:19 Tischendorf pas, Jülicher and ms pax
John 21:11 Tischendorf and Jülicher est; ms (through autopsy): est corrected to erat.
John 21:18 Tischendorf senue/eris; ms and Jülicher senue/ris.
Explicit: Tischendorf evangelium; ms EUUANGELIUM, Jülicher euvangelium.