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Vetus Latina Iohannes


This project was supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Board, now the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

We would like to thank Monseigneur Roger Gryson and the Institut Vetus Latina for their partnership in this project. They also supplied the initial black and white photographs and copies of the Vetus Latina editions.

The following contributed to the transcriptions;

The Collate and Anastasia software used in the first editions was developed by Dr Peter Robinson and Andrew West and we would like to thank them warmly for their technical wizardry and support.

Many thanks to Dr Catherine Smith for overseeing the production of the second edition and creating the verse-by-verse synopsis.

We are delighted that, as of edition 1.5, we have been able to include images of certain witnesses. Those of Codex Veronensis (VL 4) were taken by Roberto Favalli in Verona in 2003, and are included by permission of the Biblioteca Capitolare (e mail of 27th March 2009). Those of the St Gall manuscripts (VL 27, 47, 48) are direct links to the website of e-codices: Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland, by permission of the Stiftsbibliothek St. Gallen (e mail of 16th July 2009). Selected images of VL 9A are included by permission of the National Library of Russia (e mail of 27th April 2010), and images of VL 23 by permission of Aberdeen University Library (received on 21st February 2010). We would be very happy to include images of other manuscripts if they are made available by the holding institutions.

Thanks to all those users of the edition who have sent details of queries and suggestions (using the feedback forms). We are particularly grateful to Dr Maurice A. Robinson, Dr Tommy Wasserman, Dr Rosalind MacLachlan and Prof. Martin McNamara for their comments on the transcriptions.

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