Version History for Transcription Interface at

22 January 2024: Version 2.2. Collations of Family 1, Family 13, Family Π and the Majority text in John added and linked from homepage.

14 December 2023: Version 2.2. 150 Sahidic transcriptions added (on Sahidic page).

8 December 2017: Version 2.1. All transcriptions released under Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY 4.0).

28 July 2017: Version 2.0. Conversion of all transcriptions available directly on this site to JSON with Python scripts for HTML display at; raw XML files remain directly accessible in a dedicated folder.

30 April 2014: Version 1.5. Generation of new XML-native Vetus Latina synopsis and addition to the site.

24 July 2014: Version 1.4. Conversion of Majuscule apparatus and Byzantine apparatus to XML and addition to the site.

15 July 2014: Version 1.3. Addition of transcriptions of Greek lectionaries and remaining minuscule transcriptions.

22 May 2013: Version 1.2. Addition of first 30 transcriptions of Greek minuscules.

2 March 2012: Version 1.1. Addition of Coptic XML transcriptions, converted from plain text files provided by Christian Askeland.

7 July 2011: Version 1.0. Transcriptions of papyri converted to XML; edition migrated out of Anastasia, and XML transcriptions presented directly on website with XSLT within the browser, at Addition of Latin transcriptions from the Vetus Latina Iohannes and Verbum projects. Public release of site.

17 December 2009: Version 0.1. Transcriptions from electronic edition of the majuscules of John (published in 2007) combined with new plain text electronic transcriptions of the papyri of John to create a new Anastasia edition called "IGNTPTranscripts".