The Greek transcriptions on this website represent work from two projects funded by the AHRC, the Principio Project and the International Greek New Testament Project.

    The members were as follows:
    Principio Project: D.C. Parker, U.B. Schmid, M.B. Morrill, W.J. Elliott, R. Kevern.
    International Greek New Testament Project: D.C. Parker, U.B. Schmid, M.B. Morrill, R. Kevern, A.C. Myshrall.

In addition, the IGNTP is grateful for the work of a large number of volunteer transcribers, including the following:

    P.W. Comfort (with the assistance of D. Barrett, K. Berner, C. Brown, M. Ganly, A. Gerber, R. Harter, C. Hudson, R. Vishanoff); D. Creese; W.J. Elliott; G.D. Fee; E. Güting; P.M. Head; K. Haines-Eitzen; M.W. Holmes; M.B. Morrill; J.L. North; C.D. Osburn; D.C. Parker; T.S. Pattie; C.J. Roetzel; U.B. Schmid; T.C. Skeat; R.B. Stone; J.D. Thomas; G.A. Weir; G.C. Whipple.
    The following assisted with the transcriptions of papyri either by answering a query or by checking a collation against the papyrus itself:
    B. Aland; R.S. Bagnall; J. Gascou; H. Harrauer; R. Pintaudi.
    S. Docherty; W.J. Elliott; J. Gram; C.R.D. Jordan; R.L. Mullen; E. Panou; T.S. Pattie; A. Pope; J.D. Perrin; A.L. Welsby.

It is not IGNTP policy to attach names to individual transcriptions, since the editions are a collective effort worked on by a number of people.

Details of other transcriptions are included in the headers of the corresponding XML files:

    The Latin transcriptions were produced by the AHRC-funded Verbum Project, consisting of D.C. Parker, P.H. Burton, J. Balserak (and later H.A.G. Houghton), with a contribution from P.J. Williams.
    The Coptic transcriptions were produced by Christian Askeland, with contributions from Brice Jones, Elina Perttilä and Alin Suciu.


The IGNTP is grateful to a number of other organisations for assistance and financial support, including:

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The International Greek New Testament Project is grateful for donations in support of its work: