An illuminated page from a Latin Gospel Book

Image: St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 51, p. 7.

The Insular Gospel Books transcription project plans to make full electronic transcriptions of all of the the manuscripts of Latin Gospels copied in Irish script.

The Insular tradition offers distinctive and fascinating evidence for the history of the transmission of the Latin biblical text. Using the latest digital tools, the transcriptions created by this project will enable visitors to read and compare the texts of these remarkable manuscripts. In addition, scholars will be able to use the data to shed light on the tradition the Gospels in Ireland from earliest times until around the twelfth century.

There are twenty-eight gospel manuscripts written in Irish script, and a further ten manuscripts which are related to this tradition. A list of these, with links to images and full-text transcriptions are found on the Manuscripts tab above. The Bibliography tab gives details of relevant publications in this field.

The Insular Gospel Books project was initiated by Professor Martin McNamara in 2012, in collaboration with Dr Hugh Houghton. Current partners include Dr David Shepherd and Dr Daniele Pevarello of the Centre for Biblical Studies, Trinity College Dublin. The project is affiliated to the International Greek New Testament Project. We are grateful to our funders, who are listed on the Acknowledgements tab, and would be glad to hear from anyone interested in contributing to the goals of the project.