Electronic transcriptions made by the IGNTP are available for download and reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution Licence (CC BY 4.0).

Technical Details

For details of the procedures and XML encoding, see the Documents page. Transcriptions archived as raw XML in an institutional repository have been reconciled and proofread. Other transcriptions may also be available as work in progress or an electronic edition.

The most up-to-date version of most of our transcriptions of John is available at, where there is a link to download the XML of each transcription. In addition, folders with multiple transcriptions may be downloaded from the following links:

Codex Bezae Transcriptions

The transcription of Codex Bezae in the Cambridge Digital Library was commissioned from the IGNTP by Cambridge University Library in 2011. Links to the transcriptions along with technical details can be found on the Codex Bezae page.