The International Greek New Testament Project exists to produce critical editions of books of the New Testament.

The IGNTP began in 1948, following on from the Critical Greek Testament project of 1926. It consists of a committee of textual scholars from numerous countries who oversee editorial work and contribute their own expertise to the projects. The first output of this collaborative project was the IGNTP edition of The Gospel according to St Luke in 1984 (vol. 1) and 1987 (vol. 2), an extensive critical apparatus of the variant readings preserved in witnesses to the New Testament, not just in Greek but in a variety of early translations and other secondary sources.

Since then, work has proceeded on the Gospel according to John, with editions published of the papyrus and majuscule witnesses. Following an agreement made in March 2005 with the Institut für neutestamentliche Textforschung (INTF), the IGNTP has taken on responsibility for the Novum Testamentum Graecum, Editio Critica Maior edition of John. In 2016, the IGNTP formally began work on the edition of the Pauline Epistles, which is expected to take around two decades to produce.

The IGNTP developed its own YouTube channel in 2020, following the success of its Text-Critical Thursdays online lecture series during the coronavirus pandemic. This makes academic presentations on textual criticism available to a wider audience.

IGNTP projects

The online editions of IGNTP work on the Gospel according to St John can be found at Work towards the Pauline Epistles is being made available at The IGNTP has collaborated with Cambridge University Library and the INTF on an electronic transcription of Codex Bezae. The IGNTP also provides support for the Insular Gospel books transcription project led by Professor Martin McNamara.