The Appendices for The Apostolos by Samuel Gibson

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Samuel Gibson: The Apostolos. The Acts and Epistles in Byzantine Liturgical Manuscripts
Texts and Studies 3.18. Piscataway NJ: Gorgias Press, 2018.

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Appendix A: Apparatus of Apostolos Variation Units

An apparatus of variation units in forty-five Apostolos witnesses. Synaxarion units are labelled VU1–40 and Menologion units MVU1–23 respectively. The apparatus shows the reading number assigned to each variant. The siglum ‘Z’ indicates a lacuna or absent text in a test passage where the witness has been transcribed and collated. The siglum ‘ZZ’ indicates that the witness has been counted but that this witness was not transcribed for this test passage, for example because the witness in question is Menologion only.

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Appendix B: Apostolos Affinity Table

Tables of affinity for forty-five Apostolos witnesses in sixty-three variation units. Each table ranks one witness against all other witnesses in the sample in descending order, so that the witness which agrees in the highest number of variation units is ranked first. This order runs on the basis of percentage agreement (column 3). The data in column 4 expresses this as a fraction, with the denominator showing the total number of variation units present in both witnesses compared.

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Appendix C: Apparatus of Synaxarion Lection Identifiers

An apparatus of identifiers for every lection in the Synaxarion textual sample, omitting extensive liturgical text. Abbreviations and orthographic variations have been disregarded. On the rare occasion that an identifier is illegible, lacunose, or difficult to reconstruct it has been omitted from the apparatus

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