A Collation of the Greek Manuscripts for the Editio Critica Maior of Ephesians


This apparatus is a work in progress, prepared as the initial step towards the Editio Critica Maior of Ephesians. It consists of a positive and negative apparatus of electronic transcriptions of the 131 selected witnesses, which have been edited according to the principles established for this series. More details about the preparation of this apparatus may be seen on the page describing the procedures.

The full transcriptions of the manuscripts are all available on www.epistulae.org, each with a Creative Commons attribution license. The selected manuscripts are also listed on the list of witnesses. For details of the principles according to which they have been selected, see

Manuscripts not included in the initial Text und Textwert analysis but now accessible have also been assessed, along with the re-evaluation of fragmentary witnesses extant in one or no Teststellen. This has resulted in the addition of the following witnesses to the selection: GA 0159, 0230, 1108, 1834, 2834, 2853, 2865 and 2865S. Further investigations have also led to the removal of three manuscripts identified in the initial selection: GA 010 (a copy of 012); GA 296 (a copy of a printed edition); GA 1959 (a copy of 467).

The present apparatus includes all variation units and subreadings. At present, however, its presentation does not include the word numbering of the base text or the variation units. It should also be noted that the negative apparatus does not list witnesses to the a-reading which have been regularised in some way (i.e. with the siglum suffix 'r'); these are listed in the positive apparatus. At present, the indications of readings which reflect lectionary or commentary influence are not included in the website.

Users of this site are encouraged to direct any questions or possible issues to Hugh Houghton, in the hope that these can be addressed before the publication of this volume of the Editio Critica Maior.

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